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This week, the Tech4Good meeting turned into a hands-on video workshop. Attendees in teams of four, created videos on their mobile devices and uploaded them to Instagram and YouTube. You’ll find the products of their learning and experimenting further below.

Great fun was had by all and creativity ensued. Collaborative learning by doing. Within an hour and 10 minutes 6 groups created a great array of videos for their own organizations. Some are well executed and some are successful first attempt, each iteration taught us something new. Everyone was ready to jump into their video project with both feet.

Traps encountered, lessons learned:

  • Decide to shoot your video horizontally to make it best suitable also for other online spaces like YouTube and Vimeo. What does your TV look like at home? Would you turn you TV to view a movie vertically?
  • Background noise might interfere with your sound. Smartphone microphones have a shorter reach. Get closer to the talking person for recording.
  • It’s more advantageous to do headshots rather than body frames.
  • The writing should be more for a talking person than for an academic paper. Consider the target audience.
  • Instead of a continuous recording, stop the camera after each take. This way you are ready to upload the best take immediately and don’t have to wait until you get your editing done.
  • As always: Prefect is the enemy of the good. Start early, fail fast, repeat. Use the direct path to good enough.

Links to storytelling resources

Here are a few excellent resources on storytelling on our partner websites and from previous events:

Videos in no particular order

Group 1:  Producers:  Jane Hess, Jessie Drummond @crewtrust, Patricia Seixas, Mark Benson @markinnaplesfl

Group 2: Producers: Chase Metzger, Carlene Thiessen, Ursula Kaiser, Michelle Finnigan

Volunteer Animal Service “Pretend these are cats”

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Health Tip by Ursula working with Cancer Patients

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Ursula health tips!

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Essential Art making a video for Volunteer Animal Services


Group 3 Producers: Sherri Weidman, TJ Snopkowski, Barbara Erickson @barbaraec , John Connor, Barrie Conley

“Attend Tech4Good!”

Group 4: Producers: Producers: Sandra Yeyati, Marc Smolec, Tish Roland, and Trisha Aldridge.

Collier 4H teaching kids beekeeping.

Group 5: Producers: Omar Keeys, Vincent Keeys, Amy Gaffney and Deborah Johnson.

Volunteer Services for Animals

Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership

Group 6: Producers: Bart Bil, Angel , Sebastian, Bobby Escalante

Healthy Me – First take by Dr. Sebastian

Slidedeck Introductions and Workshop info

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