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Survey: Top 11 Topics – Vote on the next Tech4Good SWFL events

Now that the Florida Primaries are over, we asked you to vote again!!!!

Over the last six month of session evaluations we receive your ideas via the last question in the questionnaire: “What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at a Tech4Good SWFL meeting?”

Our team of organizers went through the list of 60+ comments. In an open conference call, Donna, Mark and I came up with the following set of possible events for our members to vote on in this survey. For each topic,  assign your level of interest: “Very interested”, “Slightly interested” or “Not interested at all”. We’ll keep the survey open until September 10th. We then will apply our point system to the answers and the 6 topics with the most points will be scheduled for our meetings between November 2018 and April 2019.

List of Topics on the survey.

In the survey the topics will be displayed in a random order to avoid “order bias”. We use Google Forms as our survey tool and store the answers in a Google Sheet document. You don’t need a Google account to participate in this survey. The survey is anonymous, until your share your email address. Only the organizers of Tech4Good SWFL, Donna, Birgit, Mark and Jim will have access to the raw survey data and your email address will not be shared of it. We will share the results on September 12, 2018.

Use Google Docs for Forms, Data Collection, Mail Merge and more.

Discussion on how nonprofits members use Google docs in every day operation, a mixture between show & tell and Q & A on All-things Google Docs

Website Design Trends 2019  – the good, the bad, the brilliant.

Review and discussion of best practices for nonprofit web success in times of decreasing Facebook organic reach, with the help of local web agencies.

Email Marketing –  Deliverability and mobile optimization.

What makes people open your emails, how to get past the recipients spam filters, and how to cut down on the crickets.

Oops, that didn’t work!

Get a greater sense of what does NOT work in using technology and communications. What are common mistakes and misunderstandings. What were our biggest failures? Bring popcorn and wine.

Tips and tricks for Gutenberg, new visual editor for WordPress. 

What’s the same and what is different, how it interacts with Themes and plugins and how to create content with the new block based content creation tool

Local outreach and promotion 

Where can I get free local advertising? Events calendars, networking, chamber offerings, listing in local newspapers.

Augmented Reality for Nonprofits

How do nonprofit organizations use AR for program delivery, education, higher engagement with their audience and collaboration.

The Nonprofit Technology Stack  

Key software concept and how to integrate technology in overall strategic plan of the organization

Video Workshop – Part II

Editing, Publishing and Promotion.

Incorporating Social Media with your Website.

Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Google+. And how will your communication change in time of a crisis? (Hurricane, PR disaster, BrushFire)

Membership, Donor & Volunteer Management Approaches.

A tour of experiences. How does technology help with recruiting? How do you collect data and for what purpose, how do you deliver benefits and content? What are communication tools for groups?

We also added a call for volunteers, as we would need a few more organizers to sustain our operation and expand our programming. We often get asked do you organize workshop or hands-on training or webinars. Another question is when will you organizer events in Immokalee, or in Fort Myers. We only have enough capacity to make the monthly meeting in Naples work.

Without further ado, please fill out the survey:



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