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Reviewing Your Website: Tips and Tricks

Huge “Thank you” to Brian Zayac of Eyemagination for spending his time reviewing  nonprofit organization’s websites this month with Tech4Good SWFL.

Here are a few notes and resources on the topic.

  • Use Google’s Speed tests to evaluate how fast your website loads on desktop and mobile
  • How does your site look on a mobile device?  If it’s not performing well, concentrate on that.
  • Increase speed by adjusting graphic sizes on site.
    •  Rule of thumb for images on your website.
    • Wide max 1600 (need that large for social media and big screens)
    • DPI 72
    • Set jpg compression to 45 to 50% quality for large images and 25 to 50% for smaller graphics
  • Incorporate some caching solution when using a content management systems, so pages load directly and don’t have to be assembled at runtime via CMS.
  • Who owns your domain name? Look it up online via Whois site example

Are you thinking about a redesign or new website for your organization?

Here are a few resources for you.

Flowchart: Is it time to rethink your website flowchart provided by Farra Trompeter of BigDuck. She guides you through the four major part of your redesign decision making: Goals & Audiences, Content & Structure, Design and technology.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.12.16 PM

30 Things you have to consider for a successful nonprofit website

James McDonald compiled a list of articles on the wide range of topics that are important for a website to be successful.

On NTEN Community of Practice: Managing Projects  we had a discussion on where to start when planning a redesign of a website. On NPTechProjects, I published a summary:

NTEN Community of PracticeBecome a member to NTEN’s online communities! There are quite a few discussion groups, were you can get advice from your peers on technology topics. The best of all? It’s free and you get the ongoing discussions right into your inbox.

Community of Practice and 501TechClubs are part of NTEN’s  work for the #NPTECH Community. NTEN supports 70,000 people via scholarshops to conferences, local peer-to-peer meetings, online communities. NTEN needs your help, helping you! 

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