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Tech4good SWFL News: Name Change, NTEN Webinars Discounts and txtsignal partnership

This month we have taken the opportunity for a series of changes to finalize our techclub’s name. We have struggled since the beginning to keep Netsquared or 501TechClub in the name. Then it was NFN4Good TechClub as quite a few NFN4Good members joined but that tied it also to the Naples Free-Net.  After almost 2 years now, it feels that this initiative is so much bigger than NFN.

First logo Draft by Homer Gaines, DesignDonationThe new name “Tech4Good SWFL” puts our group in line with the other dual-affiliated TechClubs, combining Tech4Good with a location.

Tech4Good SWFL it is. Our own hashtag is now #t4gswfl

Homer Gaines of DesignDonation has been working on a logo for our Tech4Good club and before he left for Japan on his honeymoon with his wonderful Tami, he sent us the first draft. We will continue working on it once both designers get back.

NTEN gives discount to 501TechClub members – T4GSWFL

In February, NTEN provided a discount code to 501TechClub members of 20% for their webinars.  And to celebrate our name change, we asked Bethany Lister to make the CouponCode T4GSWFL

NTEN-501TechClubHow it will work out?

  • NTEN Non-Members: 20% Tech Club discount
  • NTEN Members: 50% Member Discount + 20% Tech Club Discount = 70% off regular price
  • Code can be used as many times as folks like on webinars and Labs (not conferences)
  • Simply apply the code at checkout and done.

Look at the schedule of NTEN webinars and events 

Text messaging service txtsignal partners with Tech4Good SWFL

Margaux Pagan, Tech4Good Orlando,  MattDonovan, TXTSignal  and Melissa Yakimetz, Tech4Good Orlando

Margaux Pagan, Tech4Good Orlando, MattDonovan, TXTSignal and Melissa Yakimetz, Tech4Good Orlando

txtsignal - private group messagesAfter meeting Matt Donovan, CEO of txtsignal, at the first Orlando Tech4Good group in mid-February, we continued our conversation on how non-profits can leverage SMS /TXT messaging with their constituents. And earlier this month we started a cooperation with txtsignal to use text messaging with our Tech4Good group so all nonprofit members are able to observe a use case in a real life situation, learn how it works and what can be done with it.

To sign-up, send in a text T4GOOD to 94033 – You will receive a reply from the system which will ask you to confirm your sign-up by texting ‘yes’ back.

We thank Matt Donovan for his generosity in providing us with the platform for our club. If your organization would like to use this system as well, as a member you will receive a 10% on the monthly fees, use T4Gswfl as the coupon code on sign up.


We have a new website. Check it out! This site will be discontinued soon.