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#NPTechChat: Civil Society Under Threat – @techsoup

Join @TechSoup @CIVICUSalliance and @plus_socialgood for our September 1, 2015 #NPTechChat Twitter chat on the closing space for civil society. Around the world, civil society faces a range of challenges to what we commonly hold to be basic civil rights from the freedom of assembly to freedoms of expression.  These challenges, themselves manifesting in a variety forms from the bureaucratic to the violent, are being met by citizens and organizations coming together to craft solutions in order to move forward.

CIVICUS, a global alliance of civil society organizations, is leading the effort to highlight these challenges and offer solutions. But what are these threats? How do they differ from Africa to the Middle East, from Asia to the Americas?  What are the different solutions being offered in response? What can the nonprofit sector do better to protect civil society?

A TechSoup Global project, #NPTechChat is a new monthly Twitter-chat series for social change activists that focuses on reducing barriers and increasing impact using technology around the globe brought to you with our partners at +Social Good. We are excited to partner with CIVICUS on this critical issue facing civil society.

Join us for this live Twitter chat on September 1, 2015 at 7:00 am PT, 1pm ET, 4:00 pm Johannesburg (UTC+2), 7:30 pm New Delhi (UTC+5.5).

Learn more about all the participants on Netquared Blog:

6 Tools to participate in a TwitterChat:


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FGCU Community Engagement director Jessica Rhea at NFN4Good TechClub SWFL

The topic for the 501 Techclub / Netsquared meeting was: “Using Community Engagement and Service Learning to Enhance NP Effectiveness” and as Jessica Rhea, director for Community Engagement at the Florida Gulf Coast University connected with the members of the 501 Techclub and discussed the various ways FGCU students can practice civic engagement and social learning during the semesters and outside the classroom.

Service Learning is an Education/Training model which places students in real-life community service situations. Come hear how you can impact your organization through a partnership with FGCU students.  Nonprofit organizations can further their mission  while helping to mentor a student.  The most sustainable model for collaboration is when a connection with a faculty members is established and the project/work spreads over more than one semester and provides continuing education benefits to all three partners: Orgainization, Students as well as the university. 

Back: James McDonald, Eckart Goette, Mark Benson, Joe Thomas
Front: Birgit Pauli-Haack, Don Bassett, Jessica Rhea, Pat Johnson, Tami Bunnell,Renee Waller, Yvette EbbSponsors of NFN4Good Techclub SWFL

Big Thank you also to our event sponsors:

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Beef up your Search Engine Visibility through Google+ 501 TechClub SWFL 3/4/2014

REL-GooglePlusGoogle+, the giant search engine’s social platform, is second only behind Facebook in terms of monthly visitors. Facebook has increasingly been in the news for Facebook Fake Likes and Fake friends. What does all this mean?

What makes Google+ really stand out is its connectionn to the largest search engine which indexes Google+ Posts, augments listings with brand pages and connects your website with your Google+ Pages and Profiles

Our next 501TechClub meeting is all about the Google-ization of your online communication.

The list of topics, James McDonald and Birgit Pauli-Haack will guide you through include:

  • Google Local – How to claim your business?
  • What kind of Page should you get?
  • Page Managers, 3rd Party access to Google Page
  • What is Google Authorship? And how to connect the website w/ Google Authorship
  • Way’s to post to Google – Anatomy of a Google Post (Formating, tagging, linking, location)
  • Circle policies: target posts to specific audiences (donors, beneficiaries, members, public, sponsors)
  • Listen via ‘saved searches’, and hashtags.
  • As a Bonus: How to Auto-post from WordPress to Google+


Tuesday, March 4, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Venture X – Office Space in Naples
9128 Strada Place, Naples, FL (map)

Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Program
  • Catered by Nico’s Kitchen and soft drinks for every one.

As always, the event is free of charge but RSVP is requested  (as we need to know how much food and soft drinks we need to bring:-)

Hosted by : James McDonald, NFN Education & Birgit Pauli-Haack, NFN4Good


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Record Attendance: 501TechClub SWFL Social Media For Social Good

Using Storify, I collected the plenty of social signals on various platforms. It’s a tool for curation and allows you to showcase photos and content from other people for a topic, almost like a curator puts together an exhibition comprised of various artists into one show. That’s why those  tools are called “Curation Tools”

Last Nights NFN4Good Meetup #socmedsep

#SocMedSep 501TechClub SWFL

We have a new website. Check it out! This site will be discontinued soon.