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Office 365 Workshop January 29 – 2pm in Immokalee

Get free email for your domain with Office 365!

Are you still using a gmail, yahoo or similar email address for your nonprofit or charity? Wouldn’t you look more professional if you had a you@YourOrganizationName.org email address?

Luckily it’s free for nonprofits thanks to Microsoft’s Office 365. But for some people setting the system up is a bit technical. So we’ve assembled a team of dedicated volunteers to help you get hosted email for your organization during a free three hour workshop.

Apply & Register here!

Does This Describe Your Organization?

  • A registered and eligible charity or nonprofit (click here to determine eligibility in your country
  • All-volunteer or less than 5 staff
  • Own your own domain name or ready to buy one (ie. YourOrg.com)
  • But you’re still using your personal email address?
  • If so please apply now for our free hands-on workshop where we’ll help you move to the free Office 365 for nonprofits.

The workshop will take place on January 29, 2015 from 2 to 5pm at Immokalee Foundation, 908 Roberts Ave W, Immokalee FL.

And those you won’t be able to make it in person to Immokalee can participate via online conference and screen-sharing software. Please make a note in the comment section of the application form

The workshop is aimed at small, emerging charities with little to no IT infrastructure. The goal is to complete an initial setup, limited to setting up accounts, Exchange online, and configuring any desktop clients. Organizations with more complex needs are directed to the online Office 365 DIY Migration Workshop for Small Organizations.
The goal is for each participant to have a functioning Office365 Email set-up for the domain name of the organization and each participant is able to use their email accounts with Office365.

After you fill out the application and registration, your will receive an email from Birgit Pauli-Haack with your confirmation and to coordinate a phone call , to gather additional information about your domain name access.

We have a new website. Check it out! This site will be discontinued soon.