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As we prepare our members organizations and leadership for participation in the Techsoup 2016 Storymakers challenge, we solicited stories from our leaders about people associated with their organization, who are affected or have inspired the leaders through their stories.

  • Jose, who received his first donated book about Space, shares it with his fellow kindergarteners, spreads the fascination with Space. His teacher  creates a corner of the classroom for Space Exploration display and all of the children become excited about learning.
  • A soldier who bought the first teddy bear for the soldiers in his unit.
  • A billionaire businessmen, who starts an online donation system and provides it to nonprofits free of charge.
  • Flo, 90, who thrives in organizing fundraising dinners for local organizations in her church
  • Stan, engineer, who collects data on water conservation as part of a mission to make fresh water better and available for all.
  • The volunteer, who started a nature hiking program for patients with Alzheimers disease
  • School kids, posing new questions to graphic designer on how to do things.
  • Maria, who worked as a migrant worker in the fields in Immokalee, FL and got a masters degree, has two sons in college and teaches other migrant families about freedom and opportunity in US.
  • The social worker talking with children about homelessness and why they are asked to bring panties and socks to school.

Next Steps suggested

  • Review provided resources
  • Sign-up for Webinars
  • Sign-up and connect with Pro-Bono Consultants on Taproot

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