Social Media Surgery, Southwest Florida style

Guest Post by Steve Hart, co-founder of Relevanza. This post was originally posted on October 9th, 2015 on Relevanza Blog

It was Social Media Surgery, Southwest Florida style, earlier this week when Tech4GoodSWFL & Relevanza brought nonprofits together for an informal working session.

If you know anything at all about Relevanza you know we devote a considerable amount of our time, talents and efforts to helping nonprofit organizations advance their good works online. Spearheaded by Relevanza co-founder, Birgit Pauli-Haack – and through the organization she helped start, Tech4GoodSWFL, the drive to help nonprofits create a better world is a core part of our corporate values.

Tech4GoodSWFLThe Social Media Surgery event, held October 6, drew plenty of participation from agency directors, development directors and communications officers eager to gain insight and confidence in the effort to increase online effectiveness.

Social Media Surgery is an informal, informative, and fun event started in the UK, where anyone in the community with questions about how to use social media (“patients”) come and sit down with an expert (“surgeons”, aka “doctors” as we would say) and get one-on-one, friendly, personal advice.

It’s a kind of unconference, really. What happens at the event depends on who comes and what they want to learn. The October event’s doctors in Southwest Florida included Renee Waller (@naplesbotanical) of the Naples Botanical Garden, SoMe expert and business owner Batya Maman (@BatyaMaman) of Social Connect and successful Naples Realtor and social media enthusiast Mark Benson (@MarkinNaplesFL) of KellerWilliams.

Along with Tech4GoodSWFL and Relevanza, other sponsors included NTEN, TechSoup, NetSquared & Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church.

Here’s a Storify from the event:

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