Resource: Cloud Technology on Prezi with James McDonald

James McDonald wrote in the invitation to the Tech4Good meeting on March 3, 2015.

“You’ll find happiness over on Cloud 9. Clouds 1 through 8 are strictly for data storage.” I recently received an email with that caption describing the conversation between two angels.

Co-founder, James McDonald, talkedJames McDonald @jem3 with us about that somewhat mysterious universe of the “Cloud”. His presentation helped us negotiate the language and the pros and cons of Cloud computing. McDonald discussed the various forms of Cloud computing services, the services available, the service providers and how to choose what service will best meet your organization’s needs.

Independent Consultant for not-for-profit organizations, James McDonald, has over twenty-five years of experience and expertise in non-profit organizations. His consultancy work focuses on strategic planning, visioning,  and the use and implementation of emerging technologies. McDonald is Co-Founder of the Tech4Good SWFL group.

Here is the Prezi of his presentation called Cloud 1-8 & Cloud 9

Links to learn even more on Cloud Technology


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