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Google Analytics Terminology


A session is a visit to your website by a person, which then stays a while (or not), clicks reads pages. If the person went on a lunch break for more than 30 minutes and comes back, it’s a new session.

Page View

A page view is reported when a page has been viewed by a user on your website. Every single page load will be counted. So if the person visiting your site, hits the reload button, the page view is counted again.

Pages per Session

A top-level metric for user engagement showing the average number of page views in each session.

Avg Session Duration

Provides a top-level view of how long users are spending on your website. For example, if you had two users, one that spent 3 minutes on your website and another that spent 1 minute, then you would have an average session duration of 2 minutes. Google Analytics does not count time for the last page viewed during a session. This means that average session duration will tend to be skewed lower than the actual amount of time people are spending on your website.

Landing Page

The landing page is the first page viewed during a session, or in other words, the entrance page. It can be useful to review your landing pages to understand the most popular pages people view as they navigate to your website. This can be used to identify potential opportunities to cross-promote or feature other content from your website.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view. Bounce rate can provide top-level insights about the performance of your content. For example, if you want people to travel on to view a subsequent page on your website, then you can aim to lower your bounce rate.

It’s also important to apply context when analyzing bounce rate since some pages will deliver all of the information somebody is looking for on a single page, for example, a store locator or a blog post, or event listing.

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