New Members and going green!

Notes from Show Your Nonprofit TechTools

Before we headed into the meeting, we networked with new members of Tech4Good SWFL

  • Suzanne Fundingsland, MS, RDN,LDN, Family Nutrition Program, UF-IFAS Collier County Extension
  • Jennifer Hecker, Executive Director,  Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP)
  • Thomas Hecker, Executive Director, Everglades Wonder Garden

On an entirely unrelated note, I am happy to report that we went green – Thank you to Pam for assistance to find vendors for our needs. Funds provided by Pauli Systems, Naples, Florida

  1. We now use plates, cups, and cutlery made from biodegradable material: Sugar cane,
  2. We are now using reusable name tags; we collect after each meeting.

Huge “Thank you” to our presenters this month: Mark Benson, Jessi Drummond, Jane Hess and Robin DeMattia


Thank you to all the volunteers working behind the scenes greeting attendees, preparing the food & beverages, set-up the room and clean up afterward.

Nonprofit Tech Tools discussed

IFTTT  in 3 steps

Notes by Mark Benson

  1. Create a free account on IFTTT
  2. Authorize IFTTT to use your apps = channels
  3. Brows IFTTT Applets and look at collections.

Discussed Use Cases and Applets

  • Make Use of Maps to Keep track of time at a location and mileage
  • Phone call log to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Post Instagram photos as native Twitter Photos
  • When a particular #hashtag is used on Twitter, add the Tweet to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Save #hashtag photos to another photo application
  • Backup new texts you receive on your Android or iOS device to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Backup your new Android or iOS photos to Google Drive
  • Add a reminder to Google CAlendarar when you miss a call on your Android or iOS Devices
  • Automatically archive the texts you send or are sent to you from or to your Android or iOS device to Google Drive
  • Get a text when an important email comes in your Gmail account
  • Find your lost phone

Using Trello as time management and collaboration tool at Crew Land and Water Trust. Jessi Drummond walked us through it.

The DIY Teleprompter with Jane Hess
Jane Hess demonstrating here DIY Teleprompter

Video is in the works…

Email encryption and securing attachments

Notes by Robin De Mattia

Email and text encryption may be the wave of the future. Especially for people involved in industries sharing sensitive data, such as healthcare and finance. This security makes sure that every server that handles an email/text cannot make a copy of it. Features can include encryption, watermarking, retrieval after sent, automatically deleting after read,

Some companies that offer free or inexpensive email encryption include:

Some companies that offer free or inexpensive text encryption include:

How to encrypt your emails?

We are also very grateful to our sponsors:

web & mobile developer for business and nonprofits in Naples, Florida. WordPress Meetup SWFL organizer, Netsquared organizer, #nptech, photographer.
Works at Pauli Systems, Naples , FL (project manager for Enterprise WordPress and CiviCRM implementations, custom API integrations) , volunteer at NPTechProjects providing nonprofit technology support and education in Florida and deputy on WordPress Global Community Team.

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