Netsquared: September Social Media For Social Good

Netsquared: Social Media For Social Good – 501TechClub SWFL on September 3rd, 2013

Netsquared: September Social Media For Social GoodSeptember  is “NetSquared: Social Media for Social Good” Month #SocMedSep and the topic of 501 TechClub SWFL meeting.

This time we offer a more Hands-on Basic experience. If you know you sooner or later need to do it, but don’t know how, or had an account but didn’t know what to do… This is the place for you to be:

There will be three tables, one each for Twitter,  Facebook  and Google+. A Social Media nonprofit Rockstar will demonstrate using a particular social network.  Groups will move among the presentations.

#SocMedSep 501TechClub SWFL

Our Local Social Media Rockstars from area nonprofits are:

The second half of the evening we will cover:

  • “What is a Hashtag and How can I get me one?”
  • Discussion on social engagement signals and other Q & A

If you don’t have a Twitter account, and want to make the best ouf of the evening, you can create an account prior to the meeting by following instructions in this eBook: How to set up a Twitter account from start to finish (updated April 2013)

As always, the event is free of charge, but RSVP is requested as we need to know how much food and soft drinks we need to bring:-)



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