Tech4Good SWFL Grants Panel Kertavage-Golden George Johnston Agueberre 2018

Grants Panel Shared Resources

A Big Thank you to our panelists and moderator, Steve Aguerrebere, Mary George, Susan Golden, Bernice Kertavage and Donna Johnston, for an outstanding discussion with lots of knowledge and experience to gain.

Panel Discussion: Applying for Grants Online

Also, a big thank you to the Tech4Good organizers and volunteers: Birgit Pauli-Haack, Donna Johnston, and Mark Benson. We are very grateful for your time and work!

And a huge thank you to our sponsors NTEN, TechSoup, Noble Acts, Pauli Systems, and last but not least the Unitarian Universalist Congregation for letting us use their fabulous facility at no charge!

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Resources and more information is also available in this 58 page PDF document, curated by Donna Johnston.

Grant Resources

Local (SWFL)

General  National


Gathering of Materials

The Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Directory powered by
GuideStar– everything plus more about your local nonprofit.

Be prepared to provide information about your EIN#, Mission, Areas
Served, Programs, Strategic Goals, Board, Staff, and Financials.

Vital Signs – what are the specific needs of the clients you serve and
the universe you serve
Program Outcomes Worksheet – complete the worksheet first then
write the narrative

Evaluating the rfp & the grantor

  • Does the grantor’s mission align with yours
  • Look at who and what they have funded in the past
  • check 990 (
  • Are you reaching to qualify?
  • Contact the grantor, start building a relationship
  • Some grantors require that you be registered before applying, i.e.
    Guide Start, Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Or that you submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), then applying for the grant
    requires an invitation
  • Read the questions more than once to understand what they are

Budget requirements

  • Operating
  • Project
  • Request

Financial documents

  • Audited Annual Report
  • 990
  • Anticipated results; measurement methods
  • Current Board of Directors

Mechanics of Submission

Goals: The Community Foundation of Collier County’s strategic plan ties its
grantmaking to relevant community information and outcomes that impact the
greatest needs.

  • Calendar – Go to “apply for Grants at
  • Deadlines for Grant Programs – They change every year. New deadlines will be
    announced in early July.
  • Click on the link to get started with a username and password and enter your EIN
    when asked
  • Complete the application and
  • upload the documents when prompted
  • Submit and
  • wait for an email with your “tracking number”

Other website sites have a similar process

Tips & Gotchas

  • Bookmark the grants page!
  • Note whether content size is by words or by character
  • Copy & paste; some are comfortable writing right to the site
  • Watch for timing out – again, SAVE OFTEN
  • Upload budgets, financials, etc.

Give yourself enough time to go back to the guidelines and check that
you have followed directions by answering all questions correctly and

Did we mention SAVE OFTEN?

After the deadline

  • Expect 60 days for decisions to be made
  • A committee (at the Community Foundation) will score the application using the following questions:
    • Demonstrated Need – shows a need for the program
    • Timeliness, urgency. The proposal shows that the investment in this work is
      urgent, timely, or pressing.
    • Clear, tangible outcomes. Outcomes for the project are clear and measurable.
    • Organizational credibility. The organization has credibility for this kind of work.
    • Staffing. The human resource allocation to this project is appropriate (internal
      staff expertise, use of external consultants, advisory committee).
    • Sustainability. The project is sustainable; it will be institutionalized; and/or
      alternative sources of funding will be pursued.
    • Fit with our Vital Signs. To provide access to needed community services.

How to register for

Applicant – Individual Information

  • Complete the required form fields
  • Confirm your email address
  • Add an organization applicant profile or individual applicant profile after registering.
  • Confirm your email address

Mobile App:

  1. Search for grants by keyword, CFDA
    number, and federal agency
  2. Browse grant forecasts and
    opportunities from federal agencies
  3. Review eligibility requirements for
    each grant opportunity
  4. Subscribe to specific grant opportunities
    and get notified about changes made by
    the grant-making agency
  5. Manage your grant opportunity
  6. Access your application submission
  7. Receive and manage push notifications
    from your account

CFDA Number = Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

  • Department of Agriculture [USDA]
  • Department of Commerce [DOC]
  • Department of Defense [DOD]
  • Department of Education [ED]
  • Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]
  • Department of Housing & Urban Development [HUD]
  • Department of Labor [DOL]
  • Department of Transportation [DOT]
  • National Endowment for the Arts [NEA]
  • Small Business Administration [SBA]


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