Credit: Photo by Philippe Krief on Unsplash

Email Marketing: Deliverability & Engagement: How does your newsletter score?

Join us for an evening discussing the most pressing issues in email marketing: Deliverability and engagement and how they are more connected than you think.

When setting out on email marketing some of us pay a lot of attention to open and click rates. Those numbers are only really of value once you make sure your email actually lands in someone’s inbox. And it seems to get harder and harder to get consistent engagement out of your eNews or emails.

We will discuss barriers to deliverability, what influences the open rate and also what prevents your content from being seen. We explore how mobile email reading affects how the design appearance. We’ll look at your overall domain score for ‘good’ emailer. And point out more of the overlooked data your email marketing provider gives you and what they mean.

We want you to benefit from the wisdom in the room and get input from your fellow members on your latest eNews campaign. Members who want to be part of this review process, can send in their information via this form, but don’t forget to RSVP, too!

Credit: Photo by Philippe Krief on Unsplash

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