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August Meeting Recap & Resources: #GivingTuesday & Google Analytics

GivingTuesday, a worldwide event to celebrate generosity and giving, is November 29th. Each year, we rally our Tech4Good SWFL members get ready for it: plan activities, set up a promotional plan and help with the execution. We aggregate and amplify the message from participating organizations via #swflgives during the weeks before #GivingTuesday. We invite all members, both current and new members to brainstorm ideas and prepare resources to make this the best SWFL #GivingTuesday.

Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool for you to use in analyzing your web site. Learn how to track website visitors’ behavior and ultimately online outreach and the impact campaigns have. Every time you do something new or launch a campaign, you would want ask “What would success look like?” and find a way to measure your progress toward reaching your goals. Google Analytics is a free tool to provide you the data to answer your question.

Presenter: Birgit Pauli-Haack, NPTechProjects
You can find the Screenflow version of the recording on YouTube

Welcome to our new members!

Thank you to co-organizers and volunteers, who make Tech4Good SWFL possible!

Mark Benson organized the delicious meal again for last night’s meeting, prepared and arranged it presentation. Thank you to Donna Johnston for taking part in food preparation and organizing water and soft drinks.

Thank you to Mish for assisting in using the kitchen, utensils, silverware and china at the Unitarian Universalists facility. We have officially gone green, by not using plastic and paper plates anymore.

For the first time, we had a volunteer function as a Greeter, Jim O’Reilley. He welcomed all attendees, handed them name tags, and collected additional members. He especially took care of all new members, explained our meeting format and agenda, introduced them to our more regular attendees.

Thank you also to Robin de Mattia, who circulated the meeting announcement among the local media. At least the Gulfshore Business picked it up on published it on their Gulfshore Business Daily newsletter.  Now that we have the schedule for the next five meetings, we should be able to reach out sooner to the other daily media and get the word out sooner.

Thank you to everyone to lend a hand and help with the   set-up and breakdown of the room.

Thank You to our sponsors for their generous support of our meetings.

Google Drive published Slidedeck: Gettings Started: #GivingTuesday & Google Analytics.

We experimented with video recording and live video streaming. At this point they are uncut. You read here Part 1 of our series about our experiments with video streaming and recording of events.

For the full viewing experience you, watching directly on

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