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Aug 7 – Video Workshop for Nonprofit Content Creators

Using video as a media for spreading your message via smartphone or tablet

Join us Tuesday, August 7, from 6 to 8 pm for dinner and a hands-on workshop for using video as a media to spread your nonprofit story at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples, 6340 Napa Woods Way, Naples, FL 34116. View Map

How do you tell the amazing stories of your organization? We have many resources,  but the best way in which to reach new supporters and build pride in those who already support your mission, is video. A big story can be told in a short period of time.

Video storytelling, using your smartphone or tablet to share the moments, is the quickest way in which to begin using storytelling as a marketing tool.

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For this event bring your smartphone, iPads and we will produce short sample testimonials. If you would like your organization to be one of the samples, you may mention this with your RSVP. And don’t forget your battery packs. We will have groups of 4 in a team taking on the roles of director, screenwriter, videographer and actor.

We will have tripods and selfie sticks to mount your devices. We will discuss the various social networks and how they handle videos. We also touch on script writing and production.

We are going to practice by creating a series of testimonials concerning why you participate in Tech4Good or similar question about your organization. Can one say it in 6 seconds , 15 seconds and 30 seconds?

It’s important that you register in advance so that we can place our order with the caterer!  $10.00 suggested donation per person for dinner. You can make a donation ahead of time on the Open Collective. Meeting is free

Evening Itinerary

  • 5:30 set-up and new members
  • 6:00 Dinner & introductions
  • 6:30 Announcements
  • 6:45 Discussion
  • 7:45 Q & A
  • 8:00 The end and clean-up

“The Warm Up” ~ All first-time attendees will be greeted at 5:30 pm and will be introduced to our other members to help get the lay of the land, so to speak: What are Tech4Good, the agenda, and some of the routines we established throughout the meeting.

We invite all local nonprofit organizations to network, learn, test and explore new technologies, to exchange ideas and best practices. #nptech #t4gswfl #nptechclub #net2

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Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

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